AL Bronzo

Also available as Fusilli & Penne

Bellani – An Italian Delight

Bellani Pasta al Bronzo: Tradition meets flavor.

Experience the uniqueness of Bellani Spaghetti al Bronzo, an ode to authentic Italian pasta art. Crafted with traditional bronze dies, our spaghetti offers an unparalleled texture that perfectly captures every sauce. The use of bronze dies creates a rough surface that binds sauces more effectively, providing a more intense flavor experience. Made from the finest durum wheat, our Spaghetti al Bronzo embodies the pure essence of Italy in every strand. With Bellani, enjoy a piece of traditional pasta culture that comes to life in every meal.

Al Bronzo production

Step 1
Dough preparation

The dough is made from high-quality durum wheat semolina and water. Sometimes, a special durum wheat semolina known as 'semola di grano duro' is also used. This dough is kneaded thoroughly to achieve the right consistency.

Step 2
Bronze Matrix

The dough mixture is pressed through a special bronze die, also known as 'Bronzematrize.' This die has a rough surface that imparts a slightly coarse texture to the noodles. This is a crucial step that distinguishes 'Spaghetti al bronzo' from conventional noodles.

Step 3

Through the pressure of the bronze die, the noodles attain their characteristic shape. The rough surface ensures that the sauce adheres better to the noodles.

Step 4

The shaped noodles are gently dried at low temperatures. This process takes longer than with conventional noodles and contributes to enhancing the quality and flavor.

The use of bronze dies and the extended drying time impart a unique texture to ‚Spaghetti al bronzo‘ and enhance their ability to absorb sauces optimally. This artisanal process contributes to creating high-quality pasta with exceptional taste and bite