Protein Pasta

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Bellani Short Pasta: Diversity that inspires

Discover the unparalleled world of our Bellani Protein Pasta – a true revolution in taste and nutrition. What makes our pasta so unique? Quite simply: we are the only ones capable of extracting an impressive 20% protein from regular durum wheat.

The various shapes and enticing flavors of our Protein Pasta are not only a culinary masterpiece but also an expression of the highest Italian pasta art. At Bellani, we prioritize that each pasta variety is crafted from the finest durum wheat batches to guarantee perfect consistency and al dente quality.

Our Protein Pasta is excellent for a variety of dishes, from traditional Italian sauces to modern, creative recipes. With Bellani Protein Pasta, you bring not only unparalleled quality to the table but also a unique contribution to healthy nutrition. Every meal becomes a special experience enjoyed by the entire family. Welcome to the exclusive world of Bellani, where outstanding protein richness meets the pleasure of premium pasta.