Bellani Short Pasta embodies the diversity of Italian noodles in a compact form. From Penne to Fusilli, each variety is perfectly shaped to absorb sauces optimally and unleash creativity.

Our Long Pasta, ranging from classic Spaghetti to Tagliatelle, captivates with its elegant shape and its ability to absorb rich sauces and flavors. A delight for pasta lovers.

Bellani Protein Pasta is the result of sophisticated processes that extract 20% protein from high-quality durum wheat. Enjoy a healthy and nutritious alternative with every bite.


ndulge in the intense sweetness and freshness of sun-ripened Italian tomatoes with Bellani Sugo al Pomodoro. Our carefully prepared tomato sauce serves as the ideal foundation for delicious sauces, enriching your pasta dishes with authentic Italian flavor.

Pesto bellani

Immerse yourself in the world of Bellani Pestos, where fresh basil, roasted pine nuts, and extra virgin olive oil meld into an irresistible taste experience. Whether it’s the Pesto Genovese or the aromatic red Pesto, our pestos impart the Mediterranean aroma to your dishes.

Bakery. Eggs and rolling pin in the flour

Our flour embodies the essence of Bellani’s craftsmanship. Made from the finest durum wheat, it provides the ideal foundation for your own pasta. The quality of our flour is reflected in every texture and every bite, ensuring that your pasta is perfectly al dente – every time.

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Bellani stands for

Bellani stands for premium products made from carefully selected, natural ingredients.

Blending traditional pasta craftsmanship with modern techniques, Bellani delivers a wonderful pasta experience.

At Bellani, we always make sure not to lose sight of sustainability. This is reflected in our extensive organic range.

Bellani offers a wide range of pasta varieties, sauces, and pestos to cater to the diverse taste preferences of our customers.

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