Minestra / Soup noodles

Elbows n. 27

Spaghettini Tagliati n. 47

Chifferini Rigati n. 56

Sedanni n. 25

Orzo n. 48

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Bellani Minestra: Hearty goodness in every spoonful.

Soup noodles that transform every broth into a culinary experience. Our Minestra noodles, carefully crafted from the finest durum wheat, are perfectly shaped to absorb the rich flavors and sauces of soups. They maintain their texture and form, even in the hottest broths, providing a satisfying mouthfeel with every meal. Whether in a classic Italian minestrone, a hearty chicken soup, or a light vegetable broth, Bellani Minestra noodles complement every soup with their well-formed presence. They are the ideal choice for soup lovers who appreciate quality and taste. With Bellani Minestra, you bring not only nourishment but also warmth and comfort to every soup bowl.